Some news on Eminem & Royce’s “Bad Meets Evil ; ‘Hell : The sequel’ “

  Eminem and Royce have been murdering the rap scene recently with their constant appearances, be it a new song, or a new video, or a trailer for their album. But i’m not complaining, as far as im concernced this album has the potential to be one the best rap compilation albums in a long … Continue reading

NEWS! A lil’ bit of Hip-Hop headliners For ya brains!

News on Dr. Dre’s Detox Album So after the much praised release of their first single “I Need a Doctor (Feat. Skyler Grey)“For Dr. Dre’s return album “Detox”, it was announced that the next single “Die hard”, which will also include the likes of Eminem is set to be released on the 6th of May. … Continue reading

New Video! Dr. Dre – I Need a Doctor [Feat. Eminem & Skyler Grey]

  Man it’s been a while since something gave me goosebumbs… and this video.. it did it! … An amazing video, and an incredible by both artists… Detox is officially in the count down ( I HOPE!) … Though Slim runs circles around Dre on this, I do think Dre still has got it. His … Continue reading

New! Eminem – Things Get Worste [Feat. B.o.B

  Uhmm.. What’s this? Waikng up to a new B.o.B / Eminem collabo, yes sir!… So I hear this track was released as a snippet in 2009 and was kinda forgotten about, so hears the full thing with them two back on their second collabo!   D’Load : Eminem – Things get worste [Feat. B.o.B] … Continue reading

Round the netz- Fly Away – Emniem

  Found this track floating though the internets produced by Just Blaze, a possible track left of off Recovery? or Relapse? what you think?   D’Load : Eminem – Fly Away (Prod. by Just Blaze)   Props to thisislilwayne