New! B.o.b – NY, NY

  Any gamers out there? well then you might recognize this track, that Bobby Ray made to go with the commercials for Crisis 2. I’ve never played it, but to me it sounds like a super massacre game. So i’m still scratching my head as to why B.o.B was chosen to do the song. Never … Continue reading

New Video! B.o.B – Dr. Aden

  B.o.B just released a video, where he goes on his slick rick shit and does a bit of story telling a bout this Doctor who comes across something she wasn’t supposed to, a drug affected by the aids virus that was being sold overseas. Interesting. Oh, and by the way, B.o.B is THAT dude, … Continue reading

New! Eminem – Things Get Worste [Feat. B.o.B

  Uhmm.. What’s this? Waikng up to a new B.o.B / Eminem collabo, yes sir!… So I hear this track was released as a snippet in 2009 and was kinda forgotten about, so hears the full thing with them two back on their second collabo!   D’Load : Eminem – Things get worste [Feat. B.o.B] … Continue reading

Remix! The Scripts – Walk Away [Feat. B.o.B]

Without a doubt B.o.B is one of my favourite emcee’s jsut because of how diverse this dude can get, and once again he proves just that by jumping on Irish native band The Script’s remix to Walk away. B.o.B Kills this and rips it a new one. So I lay awake, watching DVDs Season 1, … Continue reading