News! The Game’s “Condoms and Coronas” Releasing tomorrow!

The Game

Game took to twitter today to let all his fans know that the Hood (no typo) mixtape supoorting the Jay-Z diss track “Uncle Otis”, named  Condoms and Coronas” will be released tomorrow, as his R.E.D album is coming out on the 23rd, this is deffintly a mixtape that’s gonna hype up the album. On here is what he said in an interview

“I like to do my mixtapes like albums, put them in album format and make sure everything is sounding good from beginning to end, sorta put out a single with it. “Uncle Otis’ is the single off the Hoodmorning (no type)Mixtape called, Condoms and Corona, I stole a page out of the Hangover and I woke up in East LA in a house full of Latinas and a house full of bad Mexican b****s. Wit condom rappers and Coronas everywhere.”

Game always brings good music in my opinion, be it to create a hype for something, or just raw lyrical capability. His last three albums for me were a win. So i expect nothing less from the R.E.D album, though not much has been heard from it..

And his mixtape game is on a whole nother level. Quality and consistency . This dude is always on my radar.

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