Gutter Rainbows UPDATE! NOT JUST A BLOG!

So, i’ve been all up on that Watch the Throne album and busy handling events for this month, WHICH HAS BEEN GOING GREAT! Thank you to all the supporters! We’ve completely changed the outlook and objective of “Gutter Rainbows”, as I said when I started this blog, we had a lot more in store for Gutter Rainbows then just a simple music blog. Since the beginning of this month we’ve expanded towards an event management organization / record label company with already 4 DJs under our label. We will possibly be sporting a new Logo for our company (will be made within the week) and an official website will be up VERY SOON. 

For more information about our past/future events, bookings and our DJs for now please visit (HIT THE LIKE BUTTON AND YOU MIGHT GET SOMETHING SPECIAL!)

As far as the blog goes, I will still be posting up new / relevant music & news, however we do not want to take away from the focus of our company being just a blog. At the same time I don’t want to stop sharing good music with the world. So this shall be balanced out as the time comes.

















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