New! The Lonely Island – Turtle Neck & Chain [Feat. Snoop Dogg]

Okay, I usually don’t post humorous Hip-Hop tracks/videos. But I mean, I LOVE Andy Samberg (No Homo). The Lonely Island’s tracks always get me cracking up, and just by the title of this (in reference to a line from their last single “I just had sex”) you can tell hilarity will ensue. Loving how they … Continue reading

HAPPY FOURTWENTY!! NEW VIDEO > Snoop Dogg – Superman [Feat. Willie Nelson] MUST LISTEN

If you havn’t already copped Snoop’s latest album”Doggumentary”, I highly recommend it, do so HERE. It will surprise a lot of you guys. This was one of the main songs that stood out for me, and seeing as it’s 420, it’s only right that i post a song up featuring Willie Nelson…. right? Anyways, what … Continue reading

Hip-Hop Catch Up Session 1

The Catch Up Session 1 So it’s been a while since i’ve posted. So for now on, as i know this year I will have a lot of projects and will be quite busy as i’m moving to London, i’ll be pulling out my late pass every once in a while. So as of today … Continue reading

Black & Yellow (;13 Takes) VOTE UP!!

So finally the long awaited #Takes for Wiz Kalifa’s hit Record Black & Yellow. Take #1 First off we got Chet Haze, Representing Northwestern University (lol) son of actor Tom Hanks, puts his color mix into this situation with White and Purple Take #2 Now here goes Crooked I off on Black and Yellow keeping … Continue reading

420 views post- Wiz Khalifa – That good [Feat. Snoop Dogg]

well seeing as i hvn’t posted this song. and have yet to discuss of it, kind  of makes it apprpriate to do so now on my 420th view #FOURTWENTY Snoop joins up with Wiz Khalifa to give us “That Good” Which snoop had already delivered on “Cudi’s” record “That Tree”. Eventhough, back in 2001, Methodman … Continue reading

Mixtape! Snoop Dogg – #PuffPuffPass Tuesdays

A lot of you may know that Snoop Dogg started his own “weekly song drop” with Puffpufftuesdays, and as it’s series has ended nearing to the debut of his album he has teamed up with DJ Skee to compilate most of the tracks onto a mixtape. Downlosd#PuffPuffPass Is it just me or are rappers playing … Continue reading

Snoop Dogg to drop “Doggumentary” Album [3X Singles]

Originally titled “Doggumentary music” and “Doggystyle 2 : The doggumentary”, is Snood Dogg’s 11th solo album and will be hitting stores at the end of March. Since Snoop announced the release of his album back in ’10, three tracks off the confirmed track list for Doggumentary. D’Load : Gangbang Rookie [Feat. Pilot] D’load : It’s … Continue reading