New! Skizzy Mars – Houdini [+ other tracks by skizzy]

Skizzy mars flips a song by “Foster the people”, with the track entitled the same as the original “Houdini”. It’s amazing how a 17 year-old already has an amazing buzz going on the internet for himself with only three songs dropped not including this one. He is a serious up and comer in the rap game and is deffinitely what he said he was “if i sound like drake, cudi, and wiz combined, i guess i’m the greatest rapper of all time”. Though in my opinion my respect for his music keeps growing ginormously with each track. Below is the link to Skizzy’s latest track “Houdini” You don’t wanna miss this!

<a href=” Houdini (Ft. Foster The People) by SkizTheRapper ” target=”_blank”>Houdini by Skizzy Mars

If you havn’t heard Skizzy Mars before, do your ears a favor and check the Videos below this!

Skizzy Mars – Douchebag

Skizzy Mars – Profound

Skizzy Mars – Charlie Sheen


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