News! The Game’s “Condoms and Coronas” Releasing tomorrow!

Game took to twitter today to let all his fans know that the Hood (no typo) mixtape supoorting the Jay-Z diss track “Uncle Otis”, named ┬áCondoms and Coronas” will be released tomorrow, as his R.E.D album is coming out on the 23rd, this is deffintly a mixtape that’s gonna hype up the album. On … Continue reading

New! Skizzy Mars – Houdini [+ other tracks by skizzy]

Skizzy mars flips a song by “Foster the people”, with the track entitled the same as the original “Houdini”. It’s amazing how a 17 year-old already has an amazing buzz going on the internet for himself with only three songs dropped not including this one. He is a serious up and comer in the rap … Continue reading

New! Frank Ramz – Monster Ball & Caution!

    So Frank Ramz dropped a dime, imo, a sick freeverse that i’ve been jamming for a week straight now… Y’all gotta check it out. And be on the look out for more drops from Ramz as he figures out when his project Quite Frankly drops! here’s to hoping that it’ll be soon!   … Continue reading

My first post in over a month ; Reasons & Future Updates

As i’m sure you’ve all come to realise, this blog has been lacking more posts than Bieber lacks heterosexuality. But I’ve been busy as a motherlover flying out to Europe checking out my new University i’ll be attending this September in London (WHADDUP). After that, and a quick rush to the E.R due to a … Continue reading

New Video! Pusha T – My God ++ Fear Of God 2 : Let Us Pray EP Date announced!

What a great day! Pusha T announced via Twitter that his recent “Fear of God” mixtape will be re-released as an EP on the 21st of June, and will be titled “Fear of God : Let Us Pray”. He also added that he has a few suprises for us, possible meaning a lot of new … Continue reading