Gutter Rainbows

A music label and event management company, Gutter Rainbows started out as a blog with a vision to build a connection around the world through music by bringing artists and fans closer together. Gutter Rainbows is an internationally growing label that consists of promising underground artists and DJ’s with the talent to play EDM (Electronic Dance Music) ranging from Electro House, Minimal, Dubstep to Tech, & Deep House. Seeking to make our name synonymous with all other genres of music, ranging from Hip Hop to Indie, our main focus – for the present – is to deliver our message to our fans through EDM.


The GR Blog

“Gutter Rainbows” isn’t just the name of hip-hop legend Talib Kweli’s fifth solo album. A voice for those stuck in the gutters of the music industry, the blog brings you underground artists that have not been heard of by the general population: the artists that have not yet gotten their time to shine. Rainbows, on the other hand, represents the artists that we hear about often, the mainstream – the ones that make the headlines, the ones that have already made names for themselves in the industry or those whose loyal fans have skyrocketed them to fame. Rainbows.

I just want to make this clear: this is a music blog. It may be Hip-Hop oriented, but I enjoy music in its broadest sense from Electro and Indie to Reggae and Jazz: the genre isn’t a factor.

Ditch your preferences and tune in.


For more information on our DJs and Bookings/contacts please visit : http://www.facebook.com/gutterainbows 

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