News! Buckshot & 9th wonder to release “The Solution” on October 25th!

  Duck down records have stated today that on October 25th, a third album following Buckshot & 9th wonder’s previous 2 projects “Chemistry” (2005) and “The Formula” (2008), will be installed into the series. With their last collaborative album gaining them a spot in the top 200 of the charts, we can see why a … Continue reading

Lil’ Waynes “The Carter IV” Artwork + Release Date

So today I got word that Lil’ Wayne just released the album art for his much anticipated “The Carter IV”, the lead up to his very popular, and much listened to “The Carter III”. The theme of the cover follows the same theme as his Carter III cover, however this time, instead of a Baby … Continue reading

WTF Weekly!?! Lil’ B Announces new album title “I’m Gay”

So, waking up and seeing Lil’ B having named his album “I’m Gay” couldn’t have made me LOL harder. Though it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise after the west coast rapper released a freestyle titled “I’m a faggot”, and tweeted to Kanye threatening to “Fuck him in the ass” if he didn’t work … Continue reading